Once Upon a Time...

Long ago in the dim, dark prehistory that was 2004, a small group of improvisers blessed with full heads of hair and the dewy glow of youth had a plan. They shut their flip phones, donned their finest cargo pants and gathered in a garage to found a brand new improvised comedy group. Then they probably all danced around to Outkast’s Hey Ya to celebrate (look, it was a long time ago and we don’t really remember).

Now, this may shock you - but that little group was named ImproMafia. Since then, we've grown into Brisbane's favourite improvised theatre company, delighting audiences with rapid-fire shortform games in the Theatresports™ tradition and making a name for ourselves with genre-based longform parodies. We're known for our excellent training courses and engaging corporate services, and frequently appear at festivals around Australia and the world.

Above all, we love improvisation, and we love improvisers. From the newest workshop attendee to our most experienced mainstage performers, we're all tragic impro nerds - and we're delighted to have forged a strong community in which we can nerd it up to our hearts' content. Our mothers are very proud.

Impromafia Inc is an incorporated not for profit association, registered in the State of Queensland. Click to download The registered rules, which govern the operation of Impromafia Inc.

Have You Met Our Friends?

We're lucky enough to have some very clever partners in crime. Consider this a character reference for the groups below - we love working with them!