Do I need any prior experience?

Nope! We have successfully taught people who are hard-pressed to speak in front of a group all the way up to professional working actors. Impro is a specific skill that stands alone, and you will find your own way in. Students have compared it to fencing, playing with their toddler and creative writing – so who knows what you will discover!

I have never done anything like this before but I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it.” Ian, Level 1 Participant, November 2015

How do you teach? What happens in a typical class?

In an ImproMafia class you learn by doing. Classes begin with a warm-up to get your sense of fun and creativity flowing, then break into pair and group exercises and games. After a few weeks in beginners you will begin to perform short scenes in front of your classmates.

“Very engaging and hands-on, I really enjoyed it.” Corporate Workshop Participant, August 2016

How many people will be in my class?

The maximum class size is 16 to enable individual attention as well as the opportunity to learn by watching others.

“The atmosphere of the workshop was always relaxed and comfortable.” Corporate Workshop Participant, August 2016

What is the graduation show like?

The graduation show is the capstone of each course and a chance to put what you have learned into action in front of a warm and supportive audience. You will be in a small team of players from your course playing games and scenes from your classes. Your teacher will host the show and do their best to make it a positive experience for you. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

“It was very enjoyable, I was so scared beforehand but then so happy I did it!” – Sandy, Level 1 Participant, November 2015

Why do people take impro classes?

  • For personal development - to get out of their head and stop overthinking things

  • To improve presentation skills at work in a wide range of fields including teaching, academia, personal training and business

  • To improve confidence and build skills for stand-up comedy and acting, modelling and other auditions

  • To develop a fun and social hobby

  • They did Theatresports at high school and loved it

“I was surprised at how much I took away from the class and used in my day to day life!” Level 1 Participant, September 2016

Will I learn how to be funnier?

Many stand-up comedians have taken our beginners classes and have found them valuable for improving stage presence, confidence, thinking on their feet and developing a playful attitude to their work. Most of the shows ImproMafia does are comedy, and improvised work does end up being pretty funny. If you work with others in comedy, impro skills are invaluable, too, as the focus on agreement and building on ideas is the cornerstone of comedic work. 

However, the classes are not comedy-specific: they don't explicitly focus on how to be funny. We do improvised theatre and that can be comedic or dramatic. More advanced classes generally focus on improvised theatre skills: physical theatre, voice training, musical improvisation, character work, MCing etc. which can all be really funny, or moving in other ways. The Level 1 class is an introduction to the skill of improvisation - where you take it from there is up to you.


Our classes are open to anyone over 18. We have taught impro to people fresh out of high school all the way to people in their late 70s. There is normally a mix of ages in classes.

Do I need to reserve a spot?

It is recommended that you book at least a week before the start of classes, as places do sell out.

What if I have to miss some classes?

Each of the eight weeks of the course covers a key aspect of improvisation. The material covered in the course is cumulative, and each class builds on the previous classes, so we highly recommend committing to the full eight weeks. Generally, we don’t recommend you proceed to the next level of training if you miss more than two classes out of the eight week session. That said, each week our teachers review material covered in the previous week, so missing one or two classes is generally not a huge problem.

What should I bring?

Wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in, and make sure you bring a bottle of water. There is normally a 10 minute break midway through the class, so you might like to bring a snack.

What is parking like?

Street parking is almost always available at our venues.

What can I do next?

After graduation you will be invited to continue to perform with us in our weekly show. If you wish to perform with us, we require that you become a member of ImproMafia. This costs just $20 per year and gives you a vote in our Annual General Meeting. Membership fees go towards costs like public liability insurance, subsidised training, member events and other opportunities. You can also continue on to our Level 2 (and 3) classes to further develop your skills!

Sooooooo much fun!” Level 1 Participant, September 2016