ImproMafia offers workshops for people interested in learning more about the world of improvisation. Our workshop program begins with spontaneity classes, aimed at introducing participants into the world of improvised theatre, followed by more advanced classes designed to refine and develop performers' skills.


The main reason to learn impro is to experience the thrill of entertaining an audience without a script. Even if you're not interested in performing, impro will bring laughter and play into your life and expand your comfort zone. It is an excellent way to build self-confidence and unleash your creativity.


Anyone can get involved in impro - there's no need for drama or comedy experience. Impro classes are about learning to express yourself spontaneously and honestly on stage, and you don't need to be the world's greatest actor or funniest comedian to do so.




Our popular eight-week beginners course introduces you to the concepts and skills of improvisation through games, exercises and discussion in a friendly and playful environment. ImproMafia is the longest established and largest improvisation company in Queensland and our training program enjoys a reputation as Brisbane's best.

In Spontaneity, you will learn techniques to:

  • Relax and allow your ideas to flow

  • Trust your creative impulses

  • Be present and stay in the moment

  • Listen and attend to others

  • Accept and build on ideas

  • Work collaboratively with others

  • Deal with and even embrace inevitable mistakes

This course is a great way to try something new, bring laughter and play into your life and expand your comfort zone! Students take our courses for pure fun, to try a new hobby, to improve confidence in public speaking, work presentations, stand-up or acting, or simply to unleash their creativity.

Spontaneity is the first stage of the ImproMafia workshop program. It requires no prior improvisation or performance experience. The maximum class size is 16 to enable individual attention as well as the opportunity to learn by watching others.


2018 class DATEs

Paddington, Brisbane
13 October - 1 December
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Enoggera, Brisbane
8 October - 26 November
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"The best personal development I have ever done."
Lindsay, Spontaneity Student, March 2018

"A really great introduction to performing arts and exploring my creativity!"
Grace, Spontaneity Student, March 2018

"I loved that we were able to practice an improv concept on a small scale but then had the opportunity to put this into action almost immediately. It was great to get lots of 'practice' in a safe space. Being able to meet like minded people, have fun and stretch my comfort zone in scenes always left me buzzing each week."
Tash, Spontaneity Student, March 2018

"Couldn't pick a single part of the workshops that wasn't done very well."
Ricky, Spontaneity Student, November 2017

"Cam created a lovely, warm, playful atmosphere in which we could feel safe and comfortable. She was patient, supportive, encouraging and positive, allowing us to feel good about what we were doing."
Carla, Spontaneity Student, September 2017


Addicted yet? Making a Scene is designed to build upon the impro skills taught in ImproMafia's Spontaneity course. The aim of the series is the creation of scenes that satisfy you, your fellow performers and the audience. You will be encouraged to think about scenes more critically while maintaining the playfulness and fun of the craft.

Skills developed include:

  • The fundamentals of story, including platforms and tilts

  • Finding your inspiration for a scene

  • Playing characters and relationships

  • Using change and reaction to progress scenes

Prerequisite: ImproMafia Spontaneity course.  These classes generally run four times a year in similar blocks to the Spontaneity courses.


This advanced course will develop your skills to create scenes and stories that satisfy you, your scene partner and ultimately, the audience. Content covered in Spontaneity and Making a Scene will be revisited in greater depth, including being in the moment and bringing “your obvious” to the stage. Advanced techniques for creating characters and expressing their points of view will be taught, with an ongoing focus maintained on what inspires you, how to trust these ideas and then using narrative techniques to bring these elements together to create satisfying stories onstage.

Prerequisites: ImproMafia Spontaneity and Making a Scene courses. These classes generally run four times a year in similar blocks to the Spontaneity courses.